The Crepevine restaurant was built and created by our family to be a gathering place for families, friends, professionals and students. In our menu, you will always find something exciting to eat; and certainly, our youngest guests will never be disappointed.

Address :1133 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901.

Ph : (415) 257-8822
Opening hours: 8:00 AM To 9:00 PM . Friday until : 10:00 PM

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"Breakfast Marin County | Glad Crepevine is still here in downtown San Rafael. The outdoor seating is much smaller. Large portions, delicious food, always consistent, and pay up front. When I crave pasta, I get it to-go, and it's still fresh and hot. Not always do I come for crepes. My daughter loves their caesar salad, and it's shareable. We always enjoy eating here, and it's reasonably priced to feed a family of four to five. These days, it gets expensive to dine out. It's also expensive to eat in and lack the willpower to cook anything healthy. My kids are no longer within the kids' menu range, no more chicken fingers for them LOL! Good to know we can still count on Crepevine for a quick bite and off we go to seize the day! Comfort Food"

Christine R.
"Breakfast Restaurant Near You | Parking is always relatively easy. If you can't find any on the street in front there is a parking garage around the corner. The food is absolutely amazing! I've been coming here for years. I've tried most of the menu and am never disappointed. Always quality fresh produce. The service is good, staff is pleasant and attentive."

Savannah L.

"Breakfast in Marin | Great space, awesome staff, and good food. Most of the food options are very good. Their salads are fresh and their grilled chicken is awesome. Their hash browns and breakfast potatoes are often a little bit undercooked. I would order french fries instead, their fries are great. I love this place. It's a great, simple, healthy breakfast place to take your family."

Casey G.
"BEST BRUNCH SPOTS IN MARIN COUNTY | This place came highly recommended from one of the faculty at Dominican University. It was around lunch time so I was in the mood for something savory...although I could have easily be coaxed into having one of their dessert crepes. Instead, I had the Tuscany crepe that had grilled chicken, pesto, mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, etc... a very generous size meal that included a salad and side of French fries. To quench my thirst, they had a homemade lemonade that looked good so I had that, too. The crepe was absolutely delicious! Plenty of flavor that made you want more! I was pleasantly surprised that the fries were good, too! But also to my surprise was the lemonade! A good combination of tart and sweet satisfied my thirst! This is a place I will be going back again but to try their other creations."

Dan L.
"Best Restaurant in San Rafael | Crepevine is a great restaurant they have all sorts of food that is very delicious. My personal favorite dish here is the Roma pasta(spaghetti and meatballs) they give you 5 jumbo meatballs and the pasta is very delicious would recommend if your ever need a scrumptious pasta meal or anything else like sandwiches very good restaurant one of my personal favorites."
Dominic R.

"Best lunch, Breakfast & Brunch in San Rafael | Amazing staff, clean, very good food and not expensive. Congratulations to all the wonderful people who made this place wonderful. 5 Starts only because there is no place no Add more stars. I would give you guys 10 stars if I could."

Lucy N.